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So, you’ve been thinking of getting Dad something extra special this Christmas and want to get him a high-quality flashlight for all his outdoor adventures, but are worried that you won’t get him the right one. No problem! We’re here to explain all the torch tech and help point out what to look for. Whether Dad’s going for a game drive, camping, hiking, or tinkering in his garage, he’ll love any of these 3 torches.

JET 1M Guardian

Price: R2100

Max Beam Distance: 115m

Brightness: 1200 LM

Max Run Time: 80hrs

Light Source: 2 x CREE XP-G3 (Cool White), 1 x CREE XP-E (Red), 1 x CREE XP-E (Green)

Battery: Compatible with a variety of batteries, such as 18650s.

If your dad is really into hunting, game viewing, or bird watching, then this is the torch to get him. This high-end, quality buy will make him light up like a little boy on Christmas day! The 1M Guardian Flashlight is particularly suited to night vision work, because it comes with three different light colours: white, red, and green. Red light will help him search for animals, without scaring them off, and maximise night vision. The gentle green light will help him read maps more accurately as he navigates his way through wild terrain. The torch can tail stand very well and the modes are easily accessible by pressing slightly to cycle through the different settings – this button comes in handy when you need instant access.

HR 10 Headlamp

Price: R990

Max Beam Distance: 150m

Brightness: 700LM

Max Run Time: 60hrs

Battery: 18350 / 16340 / CR123A *Includes 1 x 18350 Battery

Dads that are always on the go and need something small and sleek to fit on their head or in their pocket will enjoy the lightweight HR10 Headlamp. While it may be small, don’t let its size deceive you – it’s powerful, bright, tough, and can run for an impressive 60hrs (on ‘moonlight mode’ – perfect for those long evening adventures). Speaking of tough, it’s made with high intensity, aero-grade aluminium alloy (metals mixed with aluminium), giving it a beautiful finish that you know will last. The HR10 includes an energy-dense 18350 battery that keeps it slim and lightweight! Charge up fast with the integrated USB-C charging port, the new universal standard for fast USB charging.

SSR50 Outdoor Flashlight

Price: R 3900

Max Beam Distance: 483 metres

Brightness: 3650LM

Max Run Time: 113hrs

Battery: 7.2V/500mAH

While this may be on the upper end of the budget, it’s a spoil that’s well worth it. Compared to the above two torches, the SSR50 Outdoor Flashlight is ahead of the pack in terms of beam distance and brightness. It has 3650 lumens (this is the total amount of visible light and, basically, how bright the light is) and a maximum beam distance of 483 metres – that’s over the length of 4 rugby fields (Dad will love this fact 😉). This buy may be overkill for most dads, but if your dad is in search and rescue, law enforcement, or is a self-defense enthusiast, he’ll go crazy over this specialist flashlight!

Unique to the SSR50 Outdoor Flashlight is a glass breaker built into the front for emergency escapes. Another really great feature about this flashlight is that it’s Type C Rechargeable (it requires around 4 hrs to fully charge – which is impressive for a torch this powerful).

Whatever torch you choose to get Dad, we can guarantee that he’ll be grinning from ear to ear with any of these great buys. If you have any further questions about these products, please get in touch with us on email at or call us on 082 603 927.

Remember to get Dad his Christmas present early to avoid disappointment, as we have limited stock.

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