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The JETBeam SA team is based in Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal. Our team consists of selected Authorised Distributors across Africa. Chris Compton James, the owner of JETBeam SA, is based in Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal and represented the brand, exclusively, since 2004.

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Your All-Inclusive Provider of LED Torches

As the exclusive provider of JETBeam LED torches in Africa, we  bring you the widest range of high-performance, high-tech products for the general consumer as well as specialized task teams. We supply over 35 different JETBeam flashlights in the country and offer every level of luminosity to bring you the best visibility.

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Our LED Products

JETBeam offers quality lighting products for every purpose.

Illuminating Every Industry

We supply specialised lighting solutions for a wide range of industries. Working alongside these industries, we source the best JETBeam products for their unique needs. We also offer face-to-face demos, trade shows and exhibitions, where customers can interact with us and get a more hands-on feel for our flashlights.

Tactical Flashlights

The best lighting solutions for your tactical team.

Law Enforcement

Portable & mounted lighting products, made for law enforcement.

Outdoor Flashlights

The best lighting solutions for your tactical team.

Search Flashlights

Assisting Search & Rescue by bringing them the best lighting products.

EDC Flashlights

Portable & compact everyday carry flashlights.

Military Flashlights

High-quality flashlights that meet military grades.

Hunting Flashlights

Discreet and sleek lighting to help you hunt.

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Custom Lighting Solutions

Working with international manufacturers, we can help make our customers personalised lighting solutions. We also work with specialised industries and offer face-to-face consults and prototype testing. However, minimum orders are applicable.


We import and stock JETBeam and NITEYE products, saving you the extra cost of international shipping. Order from our store online, and have your products shipped to you. We ship to all major provinces, across South Africa. If you have a specific lighting product in mind, that you cannot find on our website, kindly get in touch with us to see if we can source it for you.